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Known Fact: It's hard to get that rope loop over those long horns. A real cowboy would prove himself when he could accomplish this!

Guns Ain't No Use When Lightning Roams The Sky

  • A man feels big when he holds a gun:
    It's his ticket to success,
    But when you're in the midst of a frightened herd,
    A gun couldn't matter less.
    The shots that usually mean so much
    Are lost in the thunder's roar,
    And the flashes of lightning show the fear
    That you ain't the boss no more.
    It's like you've earned a gunman's name
    And a record of pride you've won,
    And all of a sudden you are out drawn
    By a bigger and faster Gun.
    Oh, the gun that decides if you live or die
    is no use when a storm takes over the sky.