The Only Way Through The Canyon
Too Much Fuss'n
Ronald Reagan
Theft is Justified when Cook's too Slow_
20 Mule Team
Old Flannel Mouth
Judge Roy Bean
Onward To The Promised Land
Mountain Man
Uncertain Welcome
Linda (Lindabird) Johnson's Wedding
The Land of Peace and Plenty
A Break on the Trail
A Day of Legend
Apache Horse Hunters
At the Head Waters of the Arkansas
Wisdom of Eighty Four Summers
Soft Hides for a Long Cold Winter
Old Stagecoach to Leadville
Cattle Kate
Parched Land and Bitter Water
A strange Brand
Teddy Roosevelt Testing Winchester76
The Intruders
Ruxton of the Rockies
J.C. Freemont
TX Rangers on the Border...
Arapaho War Party
Longhorn Twins
Running Free
High Cost of Supplies forv Gold Camp
Down the Platte River Trail
On the Dusty Trail to Rail Head
The Poker Game, How the West was Won
General Crooks Defeat and Retreat