• Can I use one of Joe’s images?

• I have inherited a Joe Grandee Print/Painting... How much is it worth?

Giclée Fine Art Reproductions

• What is your return policy?

• Will I be charged sales tax?

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Question: Can I use one of Joe’s images?


Answer: All Joe Grandee's artwork remains the sole and exclusive copyrighted property of Joe Grandee, even after selling the original, unless he relinquishes his rights. All materials on this website, including images/text/design/layout and any other website and/or media featuring Joe Grandee artwork, is copyrighted and is the exclusive property of Joe Grandee.

Reproduction of any Joe Grandee property without express written consent is unlawful and prohibited.


Question: I have inherited a Joe Grandee Print/Painting... How much is it worth?

Answer: Joe receives many emails asking that he advise them on the current value of a piece of art. He is not an appraiser and cannot provide this information, even on one of his own pieces. Typically homeowner’s insurance policies will provide for “contents.” This includes everything in your house – books, photos, computers, furniture and art. If you feel the total contents in your home, including precious items (art, jewelry, and furs) exceed the amount specified in your policy, then you need to get a rider for “fine arts.” Insurance companies will require an appraisal for any “fine art” listed on a rider. Professional appraisers cannot legally appraise any item they have not personally inspected. Therefore, in order to obtain a valid appraisal, the work must be seen in person by a professional; photographs will not suffice. There is some good information on the Internet regarding many artists’ work, so it should be fairly easy to compute an approximate value. If that value exceeds the amount of insurance you currently have, then you would do well to pay to get it professionally appraised. You may locate an appraiser in your local Yellow Pages, by contacting a gallery or museum in your area or for help online contact the American Society of Appraisers.



Regarding: Giclée Fine Art Reproductions


Giclée is a French word meaning “the spraying of ink”. Giclées are museum quality reproductions on canvas or paper, which are printed using pigmented inks on archival canvas or on 100% acid free cotton rag paper. Longevity tests show the inks we use to be colorfast for 120 years. Intense, direct lighting may reduce the longevity of the product, but reasonable lighting conditions should have very little, if any, effect.


Some nice characteristics of Giclées include:

1. They are printed using long lasting archival inks, which provide UV protection.

2. A wider color range of deeper colors is available than are available with offset litho prints.

3. Giclées are very accurate to the original art.

4. The canvas and rag paper that the Giclées are printed on are heavier than lithograph paper and give the Giclée the look of an original painting.

5. The canvas Giclées are printed and then cured with UV inhibitor varnish.

6. Because mats and glass are not used when framing canvases, they are not expensive to frame.

7. Canvas Giclées work well in a room with many windows because there is no glare.

8. The quality of the image, paper, color and printing techniques are exceptional!


Question: What is your return policy?


Answer: Joe Grandee offers a money back guarantee on every item we sell. Within 30 days, return the item in its original condition and you will receive a full refund, excluding shipping charges. (Must return in our packaging to receive credit.)


Question: Will I be charged sales tax?


Answer: Only Texas state residents pay sales tax at a rate of 8.25%.


Question: Will I be charged for shipping?


Answer: Yes.  Based on your selection of optional shipping methods, shipping rates which include packaging materials; insurance; and delivery confirmation via required signature; are calculated and included within the price of the art.